Game Mechanics

Basic Gameplay

As Nina, the ninja octopus, you must bring as many fish as possible to your home while navigating through a maze of planks.

Character movement is controlled by tapping; the octopus will move towards the location of the most recent tap. The player must also navigate through the coral by rotating the screen. The hinged coral's orientation changes based on screen rotation, allowing the player to go through previously closed paths.

Rotation will also move fish that are located on rotating pulleys. This will allow the player to move fish that previously would be inaccessible, into reachable locations. But be careful! Rotating too much may cause fish to be thrown into dangerous currents or sea urchins.

Sharks and Sea Urchins are the two types of enemies in this game and are capable of killing both the player and the fish. The player must solve the puzzle before the fish are killed.

The score is determined by the number of fish saved.

Nina the Octopus (Character Actions)

Movement - The octopus will move towards the location tapped on the screen. If there are no obstacles, the octopus will move at a constant speed until the destination has been reached. If the screen is tapped at another location before it has reached its destination, it will change direction towards the new destination.

Grabbing - The octopus picks up fish by grabbing. Grabbing is automatically performed when the octopus moves within range of a fish. Grabbing can be performed on normal fish and pufferfish, but not fat fish.

Dying - The octopus can be killed in two ways: coming into contact with either a crab or a sea urchin. Death causes the player to lose the level, losing all progress on the current level.



Sharks - Sharks await in the plank maze, waiting for any prey that happens to swim their way. When a fish or the character come into view, the shark will chase the object it sees. If the shark catches its target, the target dies. If it happens to be Nina, that means game over!

Sea Urchins - Also capable of killing fish and players, but they remain stationary and can be killed by nudging a fatfish into them. Fish that are rotated into contact with sea urchins will die. Sea urchins may be placed in strategic locations, forcing the player to choose between saving a pufferfish or finding a more difficult solution to the level.

Deep-Sea Hazards

Currents - Obstruct progress through the level in two ways: by pushing the player and by blowing away fish that are rotated into the current. The player must watch out for urchins that like to hide in the currents, waiting for pray to blow their way.

Fixed Planks - This is the standard plank. It restricts player movement and its position remains fixed with respect to the screen. The player must figure out a way to navigate Nina around these obstacles.

Hinged Planks - Like fixed planks, hinged planks restricts movement. However, the orientation of the hinged coral can be changed by rotating the screen, creating new paths for the player.

Rotating Pulleys - These are the solution to the screen rotation problem the team has been dealing with. Rather than rotating fish around the whole level, rotating the screen will now just move fish that are located on these rotating pulleys. Pulleys will be placed to force players to rotate the phone strategically in order to move fish to accessible locations.

Resources (Fish)

Normal Fish - These are standard fish; they can be picked up by the octopus and they have no special function. They rotate when the screen is rotated. The player must try to rescue as many of these as he or she can. (The more that the player returns the higher the score.)

Fat Fish -These fish cannot be picked up by the player, instead they must be pushed back home, making them an extra challenge. Also, when fat fish are pushed into an urchin, they destroy the urchin along with themselves, making the player have to decide which fat fish to use to destroy urchins and which to save.

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