Game Levels

Ninja-Pus levels will need to be challenging and fun for the player. At the beginning it is crucial that we introduce the player to the game with several easy levels, that present the basic gameplay mechanics. As the game goes on, the levels will need to increase in difficulty at a comfortable pace.

Below are the first several levels that we have designed. The intention of these levels is to smoothly introduce the player to the mechanics of our game. User testing will need to be done in order to make sure these levels introduce the features at a comfortable pace.

After these levels, several more difficult levels are depicted. These are several creative puzzles that we have come up with using the mechanics and puzzle elements of our game. These levels as well as the other hard levels should involve at least one non-trivial puzzle element and should entice the player to continue playing the game until he or she solves it. This would be a great success.

Tutorial/Introduction Levels

Level 0
This intro level simply demonstrates that to win the game you must maneuver Nina around the level, grab the fish and bring them back home.

Level 1
This intro level introduces the player to sharks. Once the player enters the corridors with the patrolling sharks, the player will realize that the sharks will chase the character.

Level 2
The first non-trivial level. Shows that rotating planks can be used to kill sharks. Player must skillfully maneuver around the portals, and distract the sharks to run into the rotating plank.

Level 3
A simple level that introduces the player to rotating pulleys. The player simply uses the pulleys to rotate the unreachable fish to the portal and will find that the fish will be conveniently delivered to Nina by the shark.

Harder Levels

Level 4
This level's challenge is figuring out how to maneuver the single fish to distract two sharks.

Level 5
The first room in a challenging level that requires the player to navigate multiple rooms in order to retrieve the fat fish necessary to rescue the trapped fish in the middle.

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